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Mosquito Control is responsible for suppressing mosquitoes to protect the health and welfare of our residents and visitors. Our goal is to provide effective, environmentally conscious, and economically responsible mosquito control services throughout Martin County.

Mosquito Monitoring & Disease Surveillance:

We use Integrated Mosquito Management to control the mosquito population. To do this we trap mosquitoes, identify them to species, and determine the most effective strategy to control them. We also partner with the Department of Health to monitor and protect the community from mosquito-borne diseases.


  • Mosquito Identification

Control Strategies:

Mosquitoes breed in standing water. The best method to prevent mosquitoes is to reduce breeding sites which we do through our mosquito impoundments, tip and toss program, and annual tire drive.

When source reduction is not possible we use other control strategies including:

  • Biological control- through native, freshwater, mosquito-eating fish
  • Larviciding- to treat for immature mosquito larvae
  • Adulticiding- to target adult mosquitoes utilizing our ULV spray (fog) trucks

Applications are made only when needed, based upon surveillance data, and we use EPA-registered products. We spray for adults around dusk when mosquitoes are active but other beneficial insects such as honeybees are inactive. Typically we rely upon ground applications however when larger areas need treatment we use airplanes.


While we make every effort to protect our residents, it is important to educate our residents with steps they can take to reduce breeding sites around their homes and protect against bites. We provide presentations to community organizations and participate in events.

Contact Us:

Martin County Mosquito Control
(772) 419-6974

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